Move To Anatomy

[Single] Released 19/02/19

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The debut single from forthcoming album 'Let's Not Be Here' - coming 2020...

Produced by Niall Sinclair at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh 
Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios, London 

Greg Lawson - violin | Sally Beamish - viola | Robert Irvine - cello

Additional vocals: 
Sophie Dodds, Cameron Macfarlane, Raindeer Macfarlane, Paul McArthur

Special thanks to Graeme Young 

Made possible with funding from Dr. Gerry Mattock 

Art by Sean Patrick Campbell -

[double-A-side] Released 19/04/18
Free download / pay-what-you-want

Recorded and mixed by Niall Sinclair / Drums recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh with Stephen Foster / Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music / Art by Stewart Allan

Tom Irvine – vocals/keys
Seonaid Stevenson – vocals
Niall Sinclair – keys
David Hill – drums
Andrew Cunningham – violin
Sarah Leonard – viola
Alexandra Dinwiddie – cello


Additional Vocals on TROVE:
Samuel Bradley, Alexandra Dinwiddie, David Hill, Paul McArthur, Fiona Mortimer

With thanks to:
Stephen Foster, Graeme Young, Sally Beamish, Robert Irvine, Ali & Derrick Sinclair, Chris Briggs.


[LP] Released 15/06/15 via Survivalist

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Top Scottish Albums of 2015 - The Herald 

"one of the most rewarding albums to emerge from the UK this year"  - 
The 405


“Urvanovic have managed to create a sound that is both complex and enchanting”  - The Vinyl District

Produced by Niall Sinclair and Tom Irvine 
Recorded by Niall Sinclair at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh 
Assistant Engineer Stephen Foster 
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NY 

Features the collective musicianship of
Tom Irvine, Seonaid Stevenson,
David Hill, Niall Sinclair, Emma Donald,
Bethany Coyle, Emma Turley, Fiona Mortimer,
Graham Coe and Tim Cais.

Art by Hannah Botma